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If value has to be balanced against performance, then Washington Garage Door And Opener is your resource for a broad range of generic components. In addition, we carry an ever expanding inventory of garage door parts bearing leading brand names. We can supply our Washington clients with appropriate components, hardware, weatherproofing materials, and other items that fit almost every make of garage door currently available.

Garage Door Springs

Washington Garage Door And Opener Washington, DC 202-556-2818A garage door system is inoperable without functioning garage door springs. Springs are the crucial components of the system that serve to offset the heavy weight of the door when it is being raised or lowered. A worn or damaged spring is a serious problem as it can suddenly mean that the door is inoperable. Washington Garage Door And Opener stocks a full range of these vital components including extension and torsion springs. If your system needs a type of spring that is difficult to find, chances are that we have it in stock. Our expert technicians understand springs and how they work so if you know you have a problem with a spring, contact Washington Garage Door And Opener. We can be of assistance with a fast repair or replacement.

Torsion Springs

A stabilizing metal bar holds torsion springs above the garage door. These springs work by helping to transfer the massive weight of the door to the stabilizing bar. A cable spool is located at each end of the bar and the cable works in partnership with the torsion spring when it winds and unwinds to raise or lower the door. The strength and length of life of a garage system using torsion springs depends upon the length of the spring together with the size of the wire. Residential garages usually have one or two torsion springs. More of this type of spring will be found in much heavier commercial garage doors.

Extension Springs

Extension springs can be found mounted to a garage door’s pulley system or to the doorframe. They expand and contract to manage the weight of the door when the door is in motion. Both torsion and extension springs are subjected to extremes of pressure when they are operating the door. For safety reasons, no spring should ever be handled by someone without extensive training in safety techniques.

Spring Repair

Garage door springs are another crucial component of a garage door system. Because they operate under great pressure when they are working to maneuver a heavy garage door (industrial doors may weigh over a ton), they are susceptible to suddenly failing causing the door to crash to the ground without warning. This is a very unsafe situation for your family members or your workers, and it’s vital to avoid it if at all possible. You can do this, by making sure that your springs are regularly inspected by signing up for a regular maintenance schedule with Washington Garage Door And Opener. If your door crashes, hopefully without injuring anyone, you need to contact us immediately. We will rush to your site and repair or replace your springs.